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              1. STOCK CODE 00579 HK

                Staff Training

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                The Company emphasizes shared development with employees and takes training as an important way to improve management and staff quality. It strengthens training at all levels and has a three-tiered training management system at Company, department and frontline level. Through training, it constantly strengthens the professional competence and overall quality of employees, consolidates cohesion, and cultivates and identifies talents at home and abroad.

                The year’s first Company-wide training on enneagram on March 28, 2017 to help employees better understand themselves, communicate with other team members at work and dovetail with the Company’s goals

                Participants actively engaged in learning and thinking and closely interacting with teacher

                 Participants cooperating with each other on assignments to learn knowledge and the importance of teamwork

                To support the Belt and Road Initiative, implement the Group’s “going global” strategy, accelerate global operation, cultivate world-oriented talent and meet the needs of the talent development strategy, the Company, as an enterprise listed overseas, provides a series of English language training courses in 2017 to help employees improve their English proficiency, facilitate their access to international business information and communication with foreigners, and create an environment for communication in English. Taking into consideration of employees’ difference in English proficiency, the mode of small-class teaching was adopted for spoken language training to ensure active engagement and full interactions and thus the effects of the training.

                Participants preparing for group discussion assigned by foreign teacher

                 Participants at an English class

                The Company has provided quality and appropriate management training programs according to business needs at different levels to meet the needs of talent development. In 2016, 100% of employees received training which effectively improved their overall quality and business skills, providing strong intellectual support for the Company’s development.