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              1. STOCK CODE 00579 HK

                Production Safety

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                Strengthen safety management to ensure safety and profit

                Following the principle of “safety first, prevention foremost and comprehensive management”, Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. sticks to scientific development and standard management, strengthens whole-process safety management in an all-round manner, and strictly implements all management systems regarding safety production. In line with the planning for “focusing on one center, building two platforms and advancing seven areas of work” and the overall requirements of the “Year of Management”, it earnestly implements the key tasks of “improving management through precision management and ensuring safety to achieve profit targets”, further refines the safety management system, increases safety awareness, ensures employees at all levels fulfill safety responsibility, provides better services, and strives to be an  intrinsically safe enterprise, ensure safe and stable operation, achieve good results in power indicators, meet profit targets, and improve its overall safety management and profitability.

                The Repord of Production Safety